• Optimized Corporate Structure: Unencumbered by bureaucratic processes yet bolstered by a core of deeply experienced managers and staff, Affirmed has the ability to make prompt, strategic decisions and employ innovative strategies that has not only kept us competitive year after year, but has also validated our leadership in the affordable housing industry through award-winning design and execution. Now, with the ability to not only develop a property but construct the development with our GC affiliate, HA Builders, Affirmed Housing has risen the bar in order to better control development costs.  
  • Affordable Housing Advocacy: From the very top, Affirmed Housing is committed to being politically involved in advocating for affordable housing programs from Sacramento to Washington D.C.
  • Lasting Relationships: At Affirmed Housing, we pride ourselves on building strong, trusting relationships with all our clients and business partners.  It’s an undeniable competitive advantage to rely on trusted relationships with our business partners and the cities where we build new communities.
  • Diverse Affordable Portfolio: Affirmed has developed virtually every type of affordable product, from service-rich special needs and transitional housing, to specialized populations of seniors and veterans, to large families.  Affirmed has the wherewithal to construct whatever product type is most suitable for each community, including high-rises, historic buildings, podiums, and garden-style apartments.
  • Dedicated Team: With a talented, long-tenured team of associates, those who work with Affirmed Housing experience the benefits of personal attention, professionalism, and consistent reliability.  With an internal culture built on teamwork and collaboration, there is always someone available to keep the project on target.