In conjunction with our company’s mission to produce sustainable and efficient housing, Affirmed has been incorporating green aspects to  all of our developments since 2009.  These elements include: hot water & photovoltaic systems, low VOC paints, Energy Star Appliances, white roof tops (to offset sunlight), and being pedestrian friendly. All of our developments are within walking distance to amenities such as public transit, garden plots and vegetable or fruit trees.

The green building programs such as “Build it Green” or LEED certification are applied in all developments. Some of our most innovative green features include:

Arbor Green

Carson, CA

LEED Platinum Certified for Homes

*Virtually Net Zero

  • Solar water heating system
  • Bike racks to encourage clean modes of transportation
  • The project has been underwritten using the California Utility Allowance Calculator to ensure the development optimizes energy efficiency

Magnolia Court

Manteca, CA
LEED Platinum Certified for Homes
*Virtually Net Zero

  • Run off water drainage system for the neighboring properties; the water is recycled & used for onsite irrigation
  • Energy savings are 22% above CA title 24 requirements
  • One of the first virtually net metered solar systems in the state of CA. (built Nov. 2011)

Sonoma Court

Escondido, CA
*Virtually Net Zero

  • Drought tolerant landscaping
  • Efficient heat pumps offset by solar panels
  • High SFI roof

Lotus Garden

Los Angeles, CA
LEED Platinum Certified for Homes

  • The first affordable housing to offer an automated parking system, aka: car matrix.

Ten Fifty B

San Diego, CA
LEED Gold Certified  for Homes

  • Regenerative Elevators
  • On-Site hot water boiler system
  • Cradle to Cradle Carpet


El Cajon, CA
Build it Green

  • Electric car for resident use
  • Electric car charging stations