Originally built in 1928, the building formerly known as the San Diego Athletic club is now Connections Housing: a one stop permanent homeless housing center. An effort of the partnership of development team PATH Ventures, and Affirmed Housing, the building has undergone extensive renovations anto become a state of the art multi-use facility. Connections Housing is a service and residential community designed to reduce street homelessness in San Diego’s downtown neighborhoods by helping people living on the streets move into permanent housing and to receive the supportive services they need. Connections Housing  offers permanent housing, interim beds, medical service facilities, a depot featuring multiple personal services, and an industrial size kitchen to serve residents. Connections Housing is the first of its kind in Southern California and quite possibly the whole nation. Utilizing 8 financing sources including state and local subsidies, Connections Housing presents a unique solution to homelessness and is worthy of emulation. 


223 Total Units


San Diego, CA



Property Information

Phone: (619) 756 – 6277

Email: connections@solari-ent.com

Website: www.sdconnections.org

1250 6th Avenue
San Diego, CA 92101